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Pencil Drawing - Hakea Ambigua - Botanical Specimen

This is another drawing I did from an illustration I found in a garden book I got out of the library.  the information about the plant (below) is stuff I googled and not from my own knowledge ... I am not that smart!

Brief Description
Amanda Spooner, Monday 23 June 2003

Erect, rounded shrub, 1–3 m high. Fl. white, cream, yellow, Sep–Oct. Sandy clay or sand over sandstone, gravel. Hillslopes. Distribution: SW: AW, ESP, JF, MAL.

Scientific Description
Chris Hollister and Nicholas S. Lander, Tuesday 8 April 2008

Habit and leaf form. Shrubs, 1–3 m high. Leaves alternate, leaves 40–100 mm long overall. Leaf blade 40–100 mm long, 5–18 mm wide, undissected, elliptic or linear, flat; margins entire; indumentum absent.
Inflorescence and floral features. Inflorescence axillary, racemose. Flowers pedicellate, cream. Pedicel 3–4 mm long. Perianth (perigone) 5–6 mm long. Pistil 4–5.5 mm long. Pollen presenter conical.

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