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Oval Plaque - Plaster Casting

This is another plaster cast plaque. Cast in a plastic picnic plate or dish. The picture is from a hand painted design but it is decoupaged on. The subject is gum tree branch Posted by Picasa

Oval Frangipani plaque

This plaque was cast in a throw-away plastic picnic plate or dish. Hand painted frangipani in a brass pot. The plaque is sitting on a plate stand, but it has hooks at the back for hanging.. Posted by Picasa

Loquats timber box with rope handles

This is the other side of the "Loquats" box. Hand painted, hand made pine wood box with rope handles.Posted by Picasa

Loquats timber box with rope handles

Handpainted box made with scrap pine timber pieces. Rope handles. This box is approximately 14 inches square and 8 inches high. Holds lots of "STUFF" ... hand painted folk art style! Posted by Picasa

Plaster cast wall plaque

A bit of plaster casting. Hand cast and hand painted. Lots of chunky fruit of strange kinds. Posted by Picasa

Imaginary creature hatching from an egg

This sketch was part of one of my drawing classes. "An imaginary creature hatching from an egg" Posted by Picasa

My imagination

This painting is "nowhere" The scene is entirely from my imagination. I did this painting while living in Trinidad, before migrating to Florida. Posted by Picasa

The Florida Lighthouse

This lighthouse is somewhere in southern Florida. The painting was done from a photograph. If you recognize it, please post a comment and let me know exactly where it is so I can look up the history. Posted by Picasa

Christmas Island

Christmas Island ... Indian Ocean. Posted by Picasa

Christmas Island Red Crabs

This is obviously not a painting, but I thought you might be interested in seeing what the roads look like during the annual migration of the Christmas Island Red Crabs on their way to the ocean to lay their eggs. It's a pitty you can't eat them. Apparently there are over 100,000,000 red crabs on the island. I never found out who counted them but ... Posted by Picasa

Christmas Island Red Crab

The red crabs on Christmas Island are quite amazine. You can look them up on the internet. There were a couple of them living in my garden, and one seemed to like it behind the washing machine which was situated in an outside open room. Sort of like a room without a door. Posted by Picasa


This is one of the oldest paintings of all I have done. The caladium leaves were from my garden in Trinidad. The buds were frm another tropical plant but I can't remember what they are called. Posted by Picasa


An excersize from one of my drawing classes. I quite like this sketch. I think I will get it framed one day. Posted by Picasa