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Giant Red Tree Doodle

This is basically one giant doodle.

I like drawing or paintings with simplyfied trees.  Tree shapes or trees with circles to represent fruit facinate me.  I love them.  This giant doodle started with five tree shapes and expanded from that.

Sketch from a book about Australian Wildflowers

A little drawing that I did from a book on Australian Wildflowers.  Hakea Scoparia.  I really like those long straw like leaves and the little berries nestled among them.  Elegant and flowing in the breeze I would imagine.

My mom did this painting.

This is not my painting.  My Mom did this one.  It is the illustration for one of her stories.  She used to write fairy stories that were based on the local culture in Trinidad & Tobago where I was born.  See would always tell us a story at bedtime and over the years I started to recognize a few moral "lessons" creaping into her tales.

KEYWORDS: fairy, Trinidad, Tobago, hills, sky, tree, shrub, flowers, shacks, Norah Serrao 

Still Life Apples and an Orange

Trying my hand at still life - Apples and an Orange.

This was done many years ago.  When I see other artists on TV for instance, painting with a large household paint brush and creating such lovely painting I feel challenged to try and do the same.  But it never works out for me.  I seem to be more matched to a small brush ... I can FEEL a small brush.  A giant sized house painting brush makes me want to just paint a cupbord or a wall.

Old Kerosene Lantern

Old Kerosene Lantern

I did this little painting years and years ago.  I can't even remember why I did it or from what.  However, it does remind me of the days on my Mother's Cocoa Plantation where we used to spend school holidays in an old wodden cottage.  It was lovely there.  At hight we would sit on the front steps and watch things like the moonlight, candle flies or listen to the music of a flute floating down the hill from the care takers house.  We could also hear the frogs and the crickets ... it was magic.

Plaster Cast Plate with Handpainted Tropical Fish

This is a plaster cast plate.  I made a latex mold to cast it with.  The original form shape was made with MDF that was cut with a router and scroll saw.

Porthole plate with handpainted fish

Porthole plate with fish
The mold for this plate was constructed using timber and MDF. It started with a simple circle of wood. Then I added some more onate pieces that I cut out with a scroll saw and placed them around the edge of the plate. I then added the lump bumps with glue. Sanded and sealed the whold thing. Then I made a latex rubber mould from that.

Hand painted by myself ... it is supposed to represent the look of a porthole.
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Little round picnic plate molded plaque.

Little round picnic plate molded plaque.
This is one of my picnic plate moulded craft plates. I have made literally hundreds of these to sell at craft market. There wer sometimes hand painted and sometime decorated with decoupage. You can find instructions on how to make the little plates here:
Picnic Plate Crafts on Squidoo
The basic design for this particular plate, plus many more that I made in a similar fashion started by folding a piece of paper into quartes and sometims eights, the cutting random pattern from the paper to make a stencil. I then sponged the stencil design on to the plate which was pre painted with the background colour. I then used the sponged areas as the base for my design and added brush strokes, outlines, and bit by bit, more and more detail.
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Decoupage - Plastic serving dish transformed with decoupage.

This is a plastic serving dish from the $2.00 shop.
It was first lightly sanded then painted with "Liquitex Matt Medium" to grab on tight to the plastic. I let it cure for a few days before painting on the background. The background colour was an off white paint by JoSonja. The brown edges were burnt umber and a touch of Pthalo blue. The colours were blended in directly on the dish. It was then varnished with clear water based varnish